The Christmas Tree Festival

St Barnabas Church

A massive thank you has to be given to St Barnabas Church for allowing us to use their wonderful church as the venue for the Christmas Tree Festival.

The festival's beautiful setting, the Grade II listed St Barnabas Church, with its Pre-Raphaelite inspired stained glass and paintings and carvings is a fantastic place to be able to host the festival.

The festival is not a religious event.  We welcome people of all faiths (and those with none!).  Nor are we aligned with any political party.  All are welcome whatever their views/background and we are hoping that this Christmas Tree Festival will reflect the vibrant and diverse population of Sutton.

How to get there?


St Barnabas Church is located half way along St Barnabas Road and on street parking is free, but beware some adjoining roads do have parking restrictions and pay and display bays. The venue is served by the following bus routes

  • 154 Benhill Road Stop
  • 407 Lind Road Stop
  • S3 Benhill Road Stop
  • S4 Lower Road Stop

  The nearest bus stop is the Benhill Road Stop where both 154 and S3 busses stop at the lower end of St Barnabas Road. The 407 bus stops at the Lind Road Stop on the Carshalton Road at the top end of St Barnabas Road. The S4 Lower Road Stop is only a short walk away.

And of course you can use a Go Sutton bus .



There is limited parking on site for people with mobility issues. The venue has wide doors and a shallow ramp to allow easy access.  Level floors mean that nearly all parts of the building are accessible to everyone.  The venue is equipped with an excellent sound system with a T Loop.