Saturday 10th November 2018 at 3 pm

About the festival

The festival was held to mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice that brought four years of fighting in the First World War to an end. The festival was jointly organised by St Barnabas Church and the Sutton New Town Community Festival trust. 

We were joined by the Mayor of Sutton, Councillors and a representative of the Lord Lieutenant of Greater London.

The festival consisted of a mix of songs, poetry, music, and stories to remember individuals. It included material provided by a local historian, Fiona Carey, and her team of volunteers researched the biographies of the men from Sutton New Town who were killed in the Great War. The festival culminated in a short act of remembrance and a communal commitment to work for peace. 


Logo Competition

As part of the preparations for the Sutton New Town Festival of Remembrance, a competition was held to design the logo for the festival.  There was a good response and we a pleased to be able to announce the winners of the categories below: 


Year 6 and under: Riley Bates

Year 7 and over: Caitlyn Williams.

Each category winner received a book token for £15. 

The overall winner was Caitlyn Williams.  

All the young people attending the Church Parade on Sunday 11th November 2018 Received a commemorative badge.

Every one remembered

Over 160 men from Sutton New Town gave their lives in the First World War.  146 of those men have their names carved on the wall panels that line the memorial chapel within St Barnabas Church.

William James Adam of 19 William Road

Charles G Anderson of 7 Montpelier Road

Alfred Reginald Baker of 64 Warwick Road

Frederick Arthur Baldwin of 2 Lower Road

Ronald Douglas Maxwell Barbour of 7 The Crescent, Westmead Road

Howard Laidlaw Bartrum of 3 Wickham Road

Alfred George Bedwell of Hillside, Constance Road

Albert Frederick Bennett of 1 Ridgmount Villa, Montpelier Road

John Anthony Berry of Uplands, Stanley Road

William Bitten of 7 Queens Road (now 7 Princes Street)

John Blackburn of 20 Reading Road

Edward George Blake of 2 Benhilton Villas, Benhill Avenue

William Breese of 8 Constance Road

Edwin J Stanley Brown of 55 High Street

Percy George Brown of 31 Sutton Grove

Herbert Leslie Brown of 33 Sutton Grove

Bert Daniel Brown of 91 Carshalton Grove

William E Buckfield of 9 Parkhurst Road

Robert Frederick Bunce of 46 Morland Road

Robert Arthur Cairns of 27 Waterloo Road

James Henry Caisbrook of 103 or 105 Westmead Road

Alfred Carey of 16 Byron Avenue, Westead Road

Ernest William Catlin of 6 Waterloo Road

Arthur Charman of 9 Morland Road

James Cornelius Charman of 2 Violet Cottages, Palmerston Road

Ernest S Chippendale of 2 Bellevue Terrace, Benhill Road

William Victor Chippendale of 2 Bellevue Terrace, Benhill Road

Kenneth Arthur Clark of Coblentz 38, St Barnabas Road

Theodore Preston Clark of Coblentz 38, St Barnabas Road

Maurice Percival Cook of 12 Bryon Avenue

Charles Henry Cooper of Trail Cott ? Lower Road or father at "Endwood" Carshalton Park Road

Arthur Charles Corne of 4 Westmead Road

William Thomas Cox of 93 Westmead Road

William Dawson of 30 William Road

Alan Victor Dodd of Manor Lane/7 Lenham Garden, Lenham Road

Ellis Dunkley of 4 Baden Villas, Waterloo Road

Thomas Evans of 51 Lind Road

Michael Francis Farley of 5 Upper Vernon Road

George Frederick Fewell of 11 Myrtle Road

John William Freeman of Kingsweir, Carshalton Road

Harry Fry of 5 Benhill Road

Fred Mason (a.k.a. James) Gayler of 55 William Road

John Seear Gibson of Hillside, Carshalton Road

Colin Girdlestone of Vernon Lodge

Alexander Gordon of 19 Parkhurst Road

Alfred William Greenslade of 111 Westmead Road

Herbert Arthur Groombridge of 27 Harold Road

John Granville Groombridge of 27 Harold Road

John Frederick Charles Hack of 30 Carshalton Grove

Charles William Haite of 11 Ridgmount Villas/11 Montpelier Road

William George Hall of 17 Harold Road

Alfred Ernest Hamlyn of Beechwood, Carshalton Road

Ernest Harris of 29 Burgess Road and Warwick Road

Herbert Frank Harrold of 105 Westmead Road & Sutton Grove

Ernest James Harrold of 105 Westmead Road & Benhill Street

Kenneth James Hawkins of Parracombe, Devonshire Road

Hugh Percy Hayter of 12 Queens Road

Frank Henton of "Glenwood" Ringstead Road

Alfred Edward Henton of 103 Westmead Road

Alfred Hobart of 70 Lind Road

Frank Reginald Hogg of 33 Myrtle Road

Vincent Horn of Thicket Road (brothers address)

Leonard John Hutchings of 9 Kings Road

William John Hutchings of Sutton Court Road & Tudor Court Road

Leonard Lewis Ingham of 24a Lodge Road, Sutton

Thomas Arius Ireson of 8 Kings Road (now 8 Duke Street)

Archibald Lymath Jacques of 10 Nightingale Villas, Lind Road

Douglas Pierce Jay of Lancaster' Croft Road

Carl (Charles) Johnson of 30 Bryon Avenue

James Henry Jones of 47 Warwick Road

Wilfred Keohane of 8 Ridgmount Villas, Montpelier Road

John Killick of 2 Percy Cottages, Lower Road

William Thomas James King of seems to be Carshalton

Harold Knowler of 14 Morland Road

Thomas Lamb of 48 William Road

David Lambert of Seymour Cottages, Lower Road

William Henry Launchbury of 103 Westmead Road

Charles Henry Levett of 10 Vernon Road

Sydney Neville Levitt of Winslow Villa, Mulgrave Road

James (Jim) Long of 3 Bellevue Terrace, Benhill Road

Frank Long of 25 Harold Road

Alfred Longley of 25 Victoria Road

Alan Charles Maclean of Hetherset, Cavendish Road

Harry Marshall of 50 Sutton Grove

Wellesley Marshall of Hilton, Constance Road

Charles William McCarthy of 8 Caroline Terrace

Tom Alexander McDonald of Thicket Crescent

Walter Edwin Mead of 61 Benhill Road

Robert Miles of 3 William Road

Frederick William Millard of 5 Clinton Terrace, Manor Lane

Ernest Eustace Mingay of 11 Nightingale Terrace

Philip Moore of The Woodman, Lower Road

Joseph Morey of 28 The Crescent, Westmead Road

Archibald Ernest Morris of 1 Constance Road

William Clifford Muggeridge of 14 Vernon Road (16)

Fred Norman of 18 Reading Road

Sydney North of 7 Lower Road

George William Nuttman of Pitview, Langley Park Road

William Packham of Preston, Westmead Road

Alfred Edward Page of 2 Vernon Villas, Upper Vernon Road

Sidney Payne of 18 Sutton Grove (had left area by WW1) carshalton road

Alfred John Palmer of 33 Harold Road

Albert Henry Pink of 3 Constance Road

Frederick David Purnell of 62 Carmichael Road, South Norwood (previously 20 William Road)

Stanley Ross of 3 Myrtle Road

Leonard T Rowell of 4 Palmerston Road

Alfred John Seal of 3 Lorraine Villas, Benhill Road

Leonard Maurice Seymour of Hale Cottages, Carshalton

Thomas E Shearman of 4 Lind Road

Fred Sharp of Woodgate, St Barnabas Road

William Henry Shrubsole of 1 Blackwater Road, Sutton

Albert Edward Shrubsole of 2 Ridgmont Villas

Frank Leslie Shrubsole of 2 Ridgmont Villas

Henry Herbert (Harry) Sillence of 39 William Road

Benjamin Henry James Simmonds of 3 Montpelier Road

Caleb Brown Smith of 1 Fairlawn Cottages, Manor Lane

Stanley Soper of 22 Vernon Road (previously 20 Vernon Road)

Alfred George Thomas Southam of 31 Myrtle Road

William Hugh Staines of 3 Harold Road

Jack Stevenson of 25 Lower Road

James Jospeh Suggitt of 6 Montpelier Road

Bernard George Tate of 21 Cowper Avenue

Lewis R Taylor of 51 Beulah Road, Sutton

George Taylor of 26 William Road (28)

Albert Ernest Tearle of 7 Constance Road

Frank Tomlin of 9 Constance Road

Albert H Trower of 10 Victoria Road

Edward Christine Trower of 31 William Road

George Frederick Turner of 29 Morland Road

Albert Turner of Testers Cottage, Collingwood Road and 4 Palmerston Road

Henry Edward Ulyet of 36 Harold Road

Lyell Frank Walker of 37 Morland Road

Sydney Herbert Wallis of Welton House, Thicket Road, Sutton

William Henry Warren of Vine Cottages, 7 Harold Road

Frederick Waterman of 16 Cowper Avenue (in USA in 1910)

Harry Oliver Wayman of 44 Carshalton Grove

Arthur James Webb of 42 Lind Road

Edwin Albert Weller of 4 Lorraine Villas, Benhill Road

John Weller of 4 Lorraine Villas, Benhill Road

Henry Arthur Weston of 34 Myrtle Road

Robert Whitehead of 37 Lind Road

Frederick John Stanley Wills of Benhill Road ? 3 Ringsfield Villas

Herbert Alfred Leon Wood of 7 Vernon Road

Wilfred Henry Wood of 12 Myrtle Road

Albert Arthur Woolf of 1 Lavender Road

Allen George Young of 31 Vernon Road